I can turn your t-shirts into a blanket quilt!


Have you been holding onto special t-shirts - from races, teams, commands, concerts, events, etc. - that you can't bear to part with? Here's how to get them out of that storage bin and preserve your memories in a useful way. I can use any fabric: cotton, uniforms, athletic wear, even baseball caps. If it's fabric, it will work.

How I make them

Using your t-shirts (or whatever fabric item you want preserved), I trim around the logos in variable sizes and sew them together in a unique format. Then I layer the shirt "sheet" on top of fleece (anti-pill, micro- or heavy luxe) in your choice of color. I hand-tie knots to hold the layers together and sew an edging of fleece brought up from the back. You pay to ship the shirts to me, and I'll pay to ship the quilt back to you.



Some of my biggest clients are athletes - amateur of course. If you've run a race or have a child who plays on a team, you know how those t-shirts and uniforms can pile up. 


Workers and everyone else 

Whether you're a parent, teacher, coach, in the military or a public service provider, you've got t-shirts from your work and family. Put them to work in a quilt!

Really, it doesn't matter where your shirts came from. . . if you have them and want a blanket made from them, just let me know!


Lap/Baby (Approx. 52"x52") - $175*

Twin (Approx. 60"x76") - $250

Full/Queen (Approx. 72"x80") - $325

*A lap-size quilt made with actual baby clothes costs $250, due to the amount of labor involved.

Smaller squares = more cutting and sewing.