I'm Sara and I love helping people.

I have served in a variety of helping professions, most recently as a school counselor. I have also worked as a family life educator, domestic violence educator and victim advocate, and a family therapist. I am a Navy spouse and mother of three children and a Pit-Bull mix.

So I understand moves, life changes, and feeling overwhelmed.

Becoming overwhelmed with our stuff can happen to everyone - even me! There are lots of reasons people contact me for help:

  • Sometimes they just need a little assistance to get back on track.
  • There may be life situations - an illness, divorce, move, retirement - that necessitate extra help in managing belongings.
  • We have busy lives, and organizing our garage or closet is not high on most peoples' priority list, but it still presents itself every time we open that door.
  • Then there's this simple fact: not everyone has the "organizing gene." 

My interest in helping people with organizational challenges stems from a life-long love of organizing and wanting to be of assistance to others. I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, and I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). 

I look forward to working with you to sort out solutions in your home or workspace.

Please contact me at or simply fill out a contact form and I'll get right back to you.